Vegetarian Diet Plan for Indians

diet plan

Today I am sharing a generic diet vegetarian diet plan for Indians for weight loss which is made considering the Indian Audience and about the reach and acceptability so that maximum could adapt this diet who is looking for weight loss. Diet plan is divided into 6 meal plans to get smaller portions in diet.

Early morning diet just has liquid consumption and you can take any of the options listed any day or day as per your availability.

Morning breakfast is considered the most important meal so you can shuffle with breakfast from a diet chart and can consume a diet as per your convenience.

Mid-morning breakfast generally includes a healthy and quick snack as most of the people would at their workplace or maybe at their colleges so considering that diet plan is made.

Lunch diet plan is the heaviest in all of the meals listed. But at the same time includes all nutritional value in it.

Evening snacks in this diet plan is made for healthy snacking and to give taste buds an equal balance to get more acceptance of the diet.

Dinner diet is made considering the least calorie consumption and with a recommendation to eat post 8:30 PM for better digestion before you sleep.

Here is one Vegetarian Diet Plan that an Indian might consider and opt for their daily routine.

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