Veg Man Chow Soup


Veg man chow soup is a Chinese soup with some Indo-Chinese flavour touches. ITs full of vegies taste too good that you crave for more. So let’s see how its made.


Green chilli chopped 1/4 tbsp
Bell pepper chopped 1tbsp
Ginger garlic
chopped 1/2tbsp
Frenchbins 1/2tbsp
Carrot 1/2 tbsp sliced thinly
Cabbage finely chopped 1-2tbsp
Cornflour 4-5tbsp
Soya sauce 1tbsp
Spring onion finely chopped 2tbsp
Green coriander 1tbsp.
Salt to taste
Black pepper 1/4tbsp
Oil 2-3tbsp


  • In a big nonstick pan put the oil and add ginger garlic chopped and saute.
  • Add french bean, bell pepper, sliced carrot, Cabbage, green chilli chopped and fry for two-three minutes and saute.
  • Add soya sauce, black pepper powder and salt to taste.
  • Now in the pan add 5 -6 cup water and add cornflour.
  • Stir to avoid lumps in the mixture
  • Now boil the cornflour mixture and boil on low flame to set the thickness of the soup.
  • Serve hot garnish with chopped coriander and spring onions.

This soup can be even served as an evening snack and will give you a perfect snack factor and at the same time serve best.

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