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Pita pocket

Pita pockets are one of the best dishes from Lebanon and are now getting popular amongst India as well. This is a healthy snack if falafel made in the air fryer and is a complete meal package


Pita bread
Iceberg lettuce( Julienne)
Onion ( Julienne)
Tomato ( Julienne)
Capsicum ( Julienne)
Pizza seasoning
Chilli flakes
Black pepper
Tomato ketchup
Pizza Sause
Mustard Sause


1) Toast pita bread until you get light brown Mark’s and put them aside
2) Add all vegetables in a bowl now add pizza seasoning, black pepper, and chili flakes.
3) Take a pan to add oil and shallow fry falafel in the pan. Air frying patties also recommended.
4) Make a sauce mix adding equal portions of pizza Sause, ketchup and mayonnaise and quarter portion of mustard Sause.
5) Cut pita bread in 2 pieces and Open pita pockets and add vegetables put falafel patties on it.
6) Put sauce on falafel patties and serve it the rest of the Sause mix.

Now serve the Peta pockets one on one with hummus.

Also, you can make salsa to serve along with pita pockets. and to make it you just need finely chopped tomatoes and onions with some garlic and give them a toss also add some salt and black pepper this will act as a side a side dip to serve along with pita pocket.

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Pita Pockets
Pita pocket

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