Milk Cake || How To Make Milk Cake

milk cake

Recepie for Milk Cake.

Milk cake is an Indian version of cake but is completely different from the general cake as there is no bread in milk cake. Apart Cheena is used with sugar to make it. So let’s see how to make it.


Milk Full Cream 1ltr.
Sugar 100gm or as to taste
Lemon Juice 1tbsp mixed with two tbsp water
Pistachio 5-6 chopped
Green cardamo Powder 1tsp
Saffron A pinch mixed in water
Silver verk
Desi Ghee 2tbsp

  • In a thick bottom, kadhai boil the milk on medium-low flame.
  • Stir with big stick spoon with a flat face so that milk is not fixed and burnt. When it comes to half lemon juice water be mixed properly.
  • Now boil the mixture on low flame to get water and Paneer separated by stirring regularly.
  • As soon as mixture appears thickens pour sugar and stir to mix properly.
  • Now add green cardamom and half of the ghee in the mixture by stirring and the mixture to leave the bottom and color changes.
  • Now the mixture is ready with all ingredients.
  • Take a deep bottom vessel and Greece before pouring the mixture in it.
  • Let the mixture rest for 4-5 hours to set.
  • Separate it from the deep vessel and put on a flat tray.
  • Cut the milk Cake in pieces and put drops of saffron water on each piece.
  • Now fix pistachio on it.
  • Milk Cake is ready to serve. Garnish it with silver verk (optional).

Your milk cake is ready to be served and as now most of the people are avoiding outside food due to the current situations in 2020 you may try this recipe and make it whenever you want to be any occasion or not.

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