Indian Fish Curries

India Fish Curries

Curries are an integral part of India and is a staple dish rather be it veg or non-veg curry. But today we are looking for Indian Fish curry recipes so I have listed 5 different types of Indian-style fish curries which are as follows Goan Fish Curry, Fish Curry Masala, Kolhapuri Fish Curry, Malabari or Kerela Fish Curry, and Bihari Fish Curry.

Goan Fish Curry

Goa has a special love for sea food and a lot of Fish dishes are popular in Goa. Also Goan food has a huge influence of Portugal’s food and style of cooking. Also a lot of ingredients like Dry Kokum and Dry red Chilis reflect the Portugal style of cooking. So a similar reflection you will also see in Goan Fish Curry so let’s see how to make it.

Kolhapuri Fish Curry

Fish curry is a very popular seafood in the region of Kolhapur this dish originated from Kolhapur which is a region in Maharashtra and the simple yet spicy curry is a true reflection of Maharashtrian food culture basically curry. So let’s see how to make Kolhapuri fish curry. Read Full Blog HERE

Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala fish curry is one of the most common dishes which is usually made a lot of times in Coastal areas of Kerala as they hunt fish a lot, apart from the ingredients used in it is also from those areas and is a staple dish for Keralites. So let’s see how to make Kerala Fish Curry. Read Full blog HERE

Fish Curry

Fish curry masala is a North Indian dish with thick masala and spicy gravy enriched with butter. You can also enjoy this curry with Parantha and garlic naan as it gives a typical North Indian curry kick. So let’s see how to make Masala Fish Curry

Bihari Fish Curry

Seafood is very popular and liked by Bihar and there are a lot of seafood dishes out of those one dish is liked by most for its spices and other by way of its color and different way of preparation. Usually made with Rohu fish and enjoyed by a lot. So let’s see how to make Bihari Fish Curry.

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