Best Places To Eat in Kolkata

Best places to eat in kolkata

The name stirs up the sweet mouthwatering taste of Mishti Doi in us, peaking our cravings for the globally cherished sweets from Kolkata. Other than Howrah Bridge, the Cultural Capital is famous for its food which is a beautiful mix of different cuisines and cultures due to several foreign invasions. We will take you on a journey, celebrating the food and ‘The Best Places to Eat in Kolkata’. From the spicy street food to the sweet delicacies Kolkata. From their very own China Town to the busy and bustling restaurants. We will make sure that you get to taste the real Kolkata beneath the cover of several cultures.

1. Bhim Chandra Nag

This sweet shop is not just an old shop known for its sweets but it is an emotion for Kolkatans. Bhim Chandra Nag has been serving sweetness since 1826 for the people of Kolkata. When in 1858 Lady Canning demanded a special sweet to be prepared for her birthday, they prepared a sweet that looked somewhat like Gulab Jamun in her honor, and named it ‘Ledikeni’. When traveling to Kolkata make sure you eat something special from this place.

Must Eat: Ledikeni, Abar Khabo, a variety of Sandesh.

2. China Town

 When in the year 1820, a sugar mill and a plantation was established at Achipur, by Tong Achi, several Chinese moved to the place, thus, establishing a China Town in India. With time the settlers started their restaurants and eateries as they wanted to stay rooted to their origin. This place came to be known as the China Town of Kolkata. Stepping into the town you will get to know more of Chinese cuisines with an Indian twist (sometimes). Run by the old Chinese families, Eau Chew and Tung Fong are one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in China Town. The soothing ambiance, quick, mouthwatering food, and smiling serving staff will leave you in awe.

Must Eat: Chimney Soup, Pork Spare Ribs (Eau Chew); Veg wanton, Dim Sums (Tung Fong); Pak Choi, Tai Chi Chicken (China Whites).

3. 6, Ballygunge Place

Kolkata is as famous for seafood as it is for sweets. 6, Ballygunge Place is one of the best places to eat in Kolkata. Here, the food is served on banana leaves giving a touch of Indian culture. From mouth-watering fish dishes to lip-smacking veg thali, this place is quite affordable as well as a heaven for Bengali food lovers. The food is as appetizing as it looks, making it difficult for you to not visit again. 

Must Eat: Non-Veg Thalis, Begun Bhaja, Katla Machher Jhol, Mangsher Chop, Mishti Doi.

4. Oh! Calcutta

If you are looking for fine dining in an elegant restaurant, you should visit Oh! Calcutta. With their culinary science, they prepare gourmet so appetizing that you will become addicted to it. Although people believe that Bengali cuisine is all about fish, Oh! Calcutta serves a wide range of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. They offer Bengali food with a twist, be it traditional Lau Chingri or an innovative dessert Nolen Gurer Ice-cream, you will never be disappointed here. This is the best place to eat while you are on your visit to the cultural city. The price may seem a bit hefty but the food is oh so delicious.

Must Eat: Dab Chingri, Gondhoraj Bhetki, Lau Chingri, Kakra Chingri Bhapa, Nolen Gurer Ice-cream.

5. Dacres Lane

This place is the street food hotspot of Kolkata. The city is known for its love of street food. Dacres lane offers quality food, quick services, and a fun vibe for street foodies. From a variety of Bengali, Chinese, and tandoori meals you are sure to get confused about what to try first. Just know that the looks can deceive you here. You will be surprised by the taste of food cooked at a not so ‘good-looking’ stall. But believe me that you will surely be back the next day. Mouthwatering Mughlai Paratha to all-time favorite Biriyanis this place is full of appetizing food.

Must Eat: Mughlai Paratha, Dimer Devil, Chicken stew, Kabiraji (Chitto Da’s); Khichdi and Indian Chinese at Apanjan’s and Lassi.

These lip-smacking delicacies are sure to make your stay at Kolkata mouth-watering. These best places to eat in Kolkata are the dearest places to any Bengali foodie. Be it the momos of the China Town or Begun Bhaja at Oh! Calcutta, or the Sandesh and likens at Bhim Chandra Nag you will never be disappointed while eating here.

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