Best Induction Cooktops In India 2020


This session of my blog is products where I have compiled a list of kitchen related products especially Electronic Kitchen Appliances so today I am going to talk about Best Induction Cooktops The list I have made is purely by the data got from online sources and channelizing them correctly using my algorithms so that end customers must get the best of products in the market and this isn’t a paid promotion from any of the brand’s listed.

Here is the list of Induction Chulah to look for in 2020 and what to look for while buying one.

Philips Viva Collection Model HD4928 :

Philips Viva Collection Model HD4928
  • Push Button control with preset options.
  • Power Consumption up to 2100W for faster cooking
  • Compact size and touch start for easy use.
  • Timer setting up to 3 hours.
  • Auto Cut off for food safety.

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7
  • Majesty weighs around 1 kg.
  • The product comes with eight preset options.
  • Power consumption is 1900 watt
  • Auto cut system.
  • Product is backed by one year warranty.

Havells Insta cook RT

Havells Insta Cook
  • Havells induction power consumption is at 1600 watt.
  • It comes with touch operations and 6 preset modes.
  • Auto Pan detection and auto cut at a higher temperature.
  • The product weight is 1 kg and is portable.
  • One year warranty is available.

Pigeon Favourite IC 1800 W

Pigeon Favourite IC 1800 W
  • 7 Presets menu and LED display.
  • Easy and portable comes with a long cord measuring 1.3m.
  • Push-button and timer function.
  • Power Consumption is 1800 watt
  • Products come with a warranty of 1 year.

Prestige 1200 Induction Cooktop PIC 20

Prestige PIC 20
  • The product is portable and just weights 800gms.
  • Push Button Control
  • Timer and preset menu
  • Push start button with Stainless steel cooktop

Things to look for while an induction cooktop :

  1. Capacity: Look for the product which can take the maximum load.
  2. Watt: Consumption of Power is different to choose wisely which provides the best output with minimal consumption of electricity.
  3. Size: Look for the size and area for where you want to keep it as it is a portable device so a smaller size always advantages.
  4. Features: look for the features like timer, preset cooking modes, auto-pan detection and auto cut you must look for one having these features.
  5. Warranty: Availability of warranty period varies from brand to brand do look for the one giving the best warranty.

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