Agra Ka Petha || Famous Petha Secret Recipe


Petha is a sweet dish that is famous and originates from Agra. Moreover in this dish, no oil/ghee is used. Amongst many more shops, the brand name Panchi Petha is mostly liked by the people.
This is prepared in many ways like plain, Angoori Petha, and many more. We mention here how the original petha with minimal ingredients.


Petha (White Pumpkin) Cylindrical or round shape 2-3 KG
Sugar 1 Kg.
Green Cardamom Powder 1/4 tsp
Lime 1/3 tsp
Rose Wate
Silver cover 2-3


  • Peel Off the skin of Pumpkin and remove the inner smooth portion.
  • Cut it in size as per your choice in may be square, round, and prick all the pieces with a fork.
  • Keep all in a deep pan filled with water by the mixing the lime and let it rest at least for 10-12 hours.
  • Now, this is the time to drain the water and washing with water by rubbing.
  • Keep aside the pieces after proper wash.
  • Keep on boiling the water and add the petha pieces to smooth / translate and remove extra water.
  • Now, this is the time to quote sugar.
  • In another pan boil the 2-liter water on the medium-low flame to melt the sugar.
  • Add petha pieces along with green cardamom powder and rose water on boiling for 10-15 minutes ensuring all pieces are fully dipped in the
  • sugar syrup and tendered soft with the change of color. Leave this for rest for 8-10 hours.
  • Now put off the sugar quoted pieces of petha on a strainer so that extra syrup is drained out in the sugar syrup pan.
  • Keep all sugar quoted pieces in open to dry up for 2-3 hours.

Now your Petha is ready to be served you can also add different flavors like khus, rose and much more in the sugar syrup and make the petha flavor accordingly. Apart from this, you can also use silver verk for garnish.

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